I used to be best friends with “Elizabeth” from the time I was 9 months old, until I was 11. She had an older brother who was about 13 then, and I was only 5 years old when it all started. When I went to her house, her parents were usually at work, so her brother would usually baby-sit us. One day, while “Elizabeth” was using the bathroom, “Andrew” told me to come into his room because he had to show me something. I always thought of him as a brother, so I didn’t think anythig of it. When I got in there, he shut and locked the door behind me, told me to take off my clothes, and then lie on the bed because we were going to play a game. I did as I was told and undressed and lied on the bed. He did the same. As he started to get on top of me, I knew something was wrong. I started kicking and screaming, but he wouldn’t get off, so I just lied there in shock. Finally he got off, told me to get dressed, and said “I’ll kill you if you ever tell anyone.” To this day, I still haven’t told anyone, except for my (now) best friend, not even my Mom.

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