teen relationship rape

15 Years Old in Norfolk, VA | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

It all started last August. I had been talking to this guy online, and I hadn’t really wanted to meet him- and I didn’t plan on it either. But some how we ended up hanging out, and I didn’t have a problem being friends with him. I was fourteen and he was seventeen, so it was kind of awkward when he said he wanted to be more than friends. Well, we hung out at his house and he took me the garage to listen to music. And he raped me, I screamed, scratched and bit. But nothing happened,- no one came. He told me that if I told he’d kill me, so I was scared. I kept it to myself, and he would call me and say “come hang out with me, or else I will come to your house when your alone and beat you.” I was scared.. so I went. For two and a half months he raped me. At my house, his house, his garage- Finally I told, but no one believed me… I’m no longer a victim, I’m survivor.

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