17 Years Old in Bartlett, TN

17 Years Old in Bartlett, TN | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

when i was fourteen, my “boyfriend,” who was eighteen, came over to my house. my parents had gone out of town and i was staying at a friend’s house, but i went back to mine to hang out with “Kyle” for a while. we were lying on the couch, watching XXX, and i remember thinking that Vin Diesel was so hot. i hate watching him now. anyways, “Kyle” wanted to do things. we made out for a while and he wanted to do more, but i said no. before him, i had never done anything, not even held hands with a boy. he moved so that he was lying on top of me and pushed my sweat pants down. i’m sure he thought he was being nice, because he didn’t go right into it, but i didn’t think so, because i didn’t want to do anything at all. anyways, he raped me, and i didn’t tell anyone. we moved, and finally like a year afterwards i told my friend. i only told my mother last year. i think there should be more organizations out there, or at least more advertised ones, even anonymous ones, because i felt like i had no one to go to. he told me if i told anyone, he’d come with friends and do it again, but i think if there had been an anonymous group i could talk to, i could’ve gotten through it better. please, anyone who has had this happen to them, don’t be shy, because the longer you wait, the worse it gets on your mind.

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