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17 Years Old in Grand Rapids, MI | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I was with a friend on night walking from the store and a car pulled up with a group of guys in it. They knew my friend and invited us to go to there house. Me being a thirteen year old and very childish did not think anything was wrong. we went to there house and there was around ten guys from the age 17 to 22 their and one of them was hitting on me. He wanted to talk in the other room to talk and i agreed to go. when we got in the room he locked the door and raised the music loud. I Knew some thing was wrong i tried to get out but he threw me on to the bed and ended up raping me after a struggle. Now, five years later it still hurts yet im still scared to tell any authorities. I had have very bad depression and other issues that has resulted from my situation. But it did not kill me and i belive i Lived through it to help others.

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