When I was young, in third or fourth grade, I went to the doctor. I honestly can’t remember if the doctor was a man or a woman, but I remember that (s)he sexual abused me. My parents were not in the room for some reason. I don’t remember the extent of what happened, only the beginning of it. Somehow, I think it was a female doctor, but again, I’m not sure. Aside from this, I’ve told one person. When I was 15 or 16 I was sexually abused by my dad, he didn’t rape me, and it only happened once. I never told anyone but a few close friends. Never my best friend, she’d have taken action. I have an OK relationship with my dad now, I see it pains him to remember it whenever we’re around each other. A few months ago I took my girlfriend to see her friends and family in her hometown, and one of her friends got her high and tried to rape her. He molested her and by the time I got to where they were I could see that she was terrified. It was pretty terrifying for me as well, getting her out of there. Telling him no and pulling her away from him. She was so high she could barely function. She made the decision to do drugs, but she never made the decision to be a sex toy. There was another girl there, and after I took my girlfriend away from the situation and got her sobered up, we went back for her. I wish we’d gotten there sooner, but we managed to get her out too. It was the worst of three similar instances. It was discouraging to me because I felt that if I had been a guy, or it had been a boyfriend there instead of her girlfriend, those guys would have been hesitant to try anything. We’re just friends now for other reasons, but I know she still thinks what happened was her fault. It wasn’t and I’ve told her so. She made a bad decision by getting high, but she didn’t deserve what happened to her. It still scares me whenever I date that I won’t be able to protect my girlfriend or myself because I’m a woman.

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