Hello. I am the mother of a now 15 almost 16 year old daughter. She was raped at age 14 by a 19 year old male. Before the rape over a year ago- he almost killed her 2 times by giving her 150 proof alcohol. He also gave her her first taste of marijuana. I am writing this now because I just heard from the prosecutor’s office that the verdict is NOT GUILTY. You see,we have gone through so much and have waited a long to hear the bad news. The bastard who did this to her is not guilty according to the law of the land and free to go out and do this again and worse. When I entered the country I am from just now- I was ashamed to enter USA. I am 53 years old, and had never been to a court trial or hearing before. And,especially, never a witness for my baby daughter. And now, instead of a court system that I had previously had faith in, my daughter and I and my family have been re-victimized and re-raped by this very court system. The charge of rape had been reduced by the grand jury to indecent conduct with a minor. This decision had disturbed and confused me at that time of the decision. But, you know, I never stopped hoping and expecting that there would be justice in the end. And, now I was proven wrong. I don’t know how to tell my beautiful, brave daughter that the court did not decide in her favor. I won’t tell her how angry I am and how it feels like “justice” spit in our faces. I now believe that if I and my family was rich and/or had power in this stinking county that the trial was held in, I would not be writing about my disappoint now. I am bitter and mad and feel totally powerless to do anything else about it. My advise to any and all who might be wondering if they should remain silent is that silence only gives the bastards more power and makes them laugh at us. He will be laughting at us when he hears the verdict. But, in the back of his mind, he will always know the truth and know how brave my daughter is for standing up for her rights. He forever scarred my daughter by taking away her innocence. But, I do know he will ultimately be punished by God-the higher power than this fool of a judge, grand jury members, and prosecutor. To all of you who failed us- I am so glad we are able to rise above you. My daughter will be OK in spite of you. My daughter will be rewarded for all the s__t she has gone through by a joke of a legal system I no longer have faith in. Thank you for listening out there. And, God Bless you all who have been wronged by ones we had trusted and who should have done something about all the pain instead of causing us more pain.

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