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15 Years Old in Newton, CT

15 Years Old in Newton, CT | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I was only 11 years old when my own brother sexually molested me. I don’t know why it happened to me. But after a month, I finally broke down to my mom, and soon my dad came down and asked me what exactly happened. I couldn’t say anything except the areas were he touched me, and the whole time I sat there crying on the couch. After a few weeks, my parents brought me to my brother and all was said to me was, “Sorry.” And until about at least 2 months did my brother and I actually start talking to each other again. It just pains me every day, that I have to live with the fact that I was molested, and that all I ever got out of it was, “sorry.” It’s never affected me until I 13 and I got depressed. Even then, my parents didn’t even realize what was going on in my head. I’m a 10th grader now in high school and each day that passes, I have to think to myself everything I went through and that people don’t even understand anything that’s actually happened to me. 4 years after the incident, I was arguing with my dad and he said, “stop acting like an abused child.” Completely forgetting I was. So my response, while crying hysterically was, “Last time I checked I was an abused child.” and all he could do was look away from me, and I went to my room and he never came in to check on me. I’d love to tell everyone and get it off my chest but I just can’t bring the words out of my mouth. I don’t want my brother in jail, I just want him away from me. The horror of it all is that, I still look at my own brother’s hands, and fear runs through me.

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16 Years Old in Oklee, MN

16 Years Old in Oklee, MN | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

THE PERSON WHO ABUSED ME WAS MY BIG BROTHER. It wasn’t just one night of pain it was about 4 or 5 years of torture. Every night my parents left us alone him babysitting me and he would do weird things to me that i didn’t like but had to put up with. I tried to tell my parents but they didn’t believe me and told me “stop telling lies your brother could get hurt if the wrong person hears that” and its been like that my whole life they always seem to stick up for him and not for me its like they don’t care about me. The worst part is they told everyone i was lying and it hurts so much because i’m an outcast in my family and community but, i do have a few close friends who believe me and my story. The day I turn 18 is the day I will ‘TAKE BACK THE NIGHT’.

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13 Years Old in Athens, TN

13 Years Old in Athens, TN | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I was 10 years old when I was raped twice by two of my best friends. Held at gun point.Three years later I was put in a hospital for other medical reasons,And then I told them what had happen to me. They told the authority. But it was to late by then. Because the night it happened the guys moved.And the people stopped looking for them, I told them where they moved to but they did not listen.But i’m NOT staying quiet NO more!!!

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16 Years Old in Easy Greenwich, RI

16 Years Old in East Greenwich, RI| #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

Was sexually molested by my step father of 9 years only 6 weeks ago… i told right away but this event has turned my life upside down… i try to stay strong and keep telling my self that i shouldn’t let this man make me become a different person… my step father after finding out i called the police tried to commit suicide and when he was found he on his death bed but he survived. So much change is going on in a result of this and i have good days and i have days where i just can’t think and function.. he was a father to me because my own father has never been there for me but i guess he was not a good father either. my friends, family and school have given me so much support but its hard because they don’t understand what im going through and what it was like for this to happen to me. going through this is toough and but i hope that every girl that goes through this gets help and tells someone… no matter how long and difficult the court prosses let the man live through the pain and there is lots of help out there… and also i think that the healing process is a long one so no matter what other people say about how you should feel you should take as long as you need to heal… i know that the path ahead of me is a long one but i try as hard as i can to just get through the day for now..

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17 Years Old in Wheatland, CA | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

When I was a freshman in high school, I met “John”. He comforted me on the messenger I had on my computer. We talked all the time and I was going through a point in my life where I thought I could not live another day. He took advantage of this situation. He gained my trust after talking for 6 to 8 months, and then he had a brilliant idea. That we should meet. I was only 14, and he claimed to only be 21. Well, little did I know that my life was going to change forever after that night. He came to my house and my stepsister was home. I told her to go outside so me and “John” could talk. Then thats when he started taking my clothes off, I said no so many times that I just kept crying and crying. Eventually I pushed off of me and ran. By the time I looked back he was gone. I never told anyone till about 2 months later, when there was little evidence. The only evidence was the fact that I was pregnant. I had an abortion (i had no choice in this issue) and they used the fetus to match his blood. It turns out “John” was really 27, they charged him and he plead. There was not enough evidence to convict him of rape so he only got one year jail, but the important thing is that because the judge so how emotional i was, “John” became a registered sex offender. I wanted that, in fact, I needed that. I am now 17 years old and want to start the I club at my high school before i leave. I want students to be able to shatter the silence. I will never be the same, but i have grown. I lost friends, and gained friends

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