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rape survivor story 6

25 years old from Atlanta, GA


Two years ago I was raped by someone I thought was my friend in my own apartment. When people ask me why didn’t I report him to the authorities, I really don’t know what to tell them. I guess it’s because there was a part of me that blamed myself for what happened. I was the one who let him come by late that night. For days my apartment reeked of his cologne. The smell would turn my stomach every time I entered my home. He had violated my body and my personal space. I lived in fear for months wondering if I would come home from work one day and he’d be at my apartment. Thanks to my family and friends I feel more open to speak up about what happened to me and I no longer blame myself for what happened. It saddens me that sexual assault is such an epidemic and that it is a crime that is treated so lightly by many people. I hope that there will be a turning of the tide before long.

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rape survivor story 5

15 years old in Darby, KS


I had been talking to a guy that had been introduced to me through a friend back in May 2013, and I thought he was perfect. We had never met in person, but I was slowly starting to like him. His hair, the way he talked to me; sweet and polite. Everything about him I liked. My heart had been broken before, but I trusted him. At first, things were good. But pretty quickly, I was getting nervous when I talked to him. He asked me if he could come pick me up and he could have sex with me. At first, I said nothing. I just changed the subject or said I was too scared. Soon, his pleads got more frequent and I knew he had a temper and I was beginning to get scared. So I said, “Sure. You may come over, but we aren’t going to have sex”. Those words exactly. So he came over and we went down to my room to watch Netflix but all of the sudden, when I sat in my bed (fully clothed) he took off his pants right there and I just acted like I didn’t notice. He got in my bed and under the covers, I was on top of the covers. He coaxed me under and this was when I started to get scared. I closed my eyes to keep from crying, but then he kissed me hard. I didn’t know what was happening, it was like I wasn’t myself. Before I could do anything, he started fingering me and I tried to pull his hand away, but he was too strong. He got on top of me so fast I didn’t know what was happening. He forced himself inside me and his tongue was so far down my throat I couldn’t make a sound. He had me to where I could not move no matter what I tried. He never asked me for sex. He never asked me once if he could do anything he did. Ever since then, I have to watch my back everywhere. I do not hug people, let them touch my hair, or touch me anywhere from behind unless I tell them they can. I still have nightmares about it and every time I see someone who even looks similar to him, I start getting uneasy. I am going to therapy for it, but it still won’t help the fact that it happened. He told me I was beautiful, he made me trust him. I was just naive enough to believe it. I had thought he really liked me, but he just used me for his own good. He took advantage of me and I cannot let that go. He was a mistake… I feel like it’s all my fault.

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rape survivor story 4

26 years old


He was my friend. I had known him for almost twelve years. We had met at church, for goodness sake! I was having a hard night after finding out that I hadn’t gotten a job that I really needed. He
insisted on coming over because he was worried about me. He brought beer, and I got drunk. I was about to pass out when he kissed me. He asked if I wanted to sleep. I went tobed and didn’t know he’d followed me until I woke up with him touching me, hurting me, and his tongue in my mouth. It continued for six hours, and I was in and out of consciousness throughout. I went to the police, but in the end the prosecutor said there wasn’t enough evidence to file charges. He gets to live like nothing happened; I can hardly call what I’m doing living.

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rape survivor story 3

19 years old in Cincinnati, OH


He was the first guy i ever slept with, i thought i loved him we were together my whole freshmen year in college. We ended things during the summer then he was in my dorm room one night and wanted to have sex i said no and told him to leave. Instead he forced me to my bed and raped me in all ways. After he left i went straight to the police it was hard but i didnt deserve that and i didnt want it to happen to anyone else. I am currently at trail with him. Be brave Girls/Guys and remember its not your fault thats one of the hardest things to realize.

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rape survivor story 2

15 years old in Sacramento, CA


I had gone through a huge depression faze.

So eventually with feeling like my life was not important I took a bottle of pills about 70 clondines. I rushed to the hospital and they diagnosed me with PTSD from the early rape trauma in my 1-3 year old self.

My father had apparently raped me many times. And his friends did the same. But when I got into the mental health hospital I made a friend.

He was a funny guy with lots of talent I trusted him and even had a crush on him.

He one day came to my room and I said what are you doing.

He laughed and said don’t cry I have little time and I want to have sex with you.

I opened my mouth to scream to protest but he laughed and shut up.

He swore at me I was appalled.

He raped me and continued to act like it was no big deal the next day.

I was in pain and distraught. I soon left him to go talk to someone else.

He continued to taunt me.

Until one day he left to go be somewhere else.

I will never forget how his eyes stared at me when he slid into me as if to say I hate you.

I hate me.

I hate this world.

After he was done he said in a mocking tone

“good girl”.

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