We Shatter Silence Story from Australia

I was sexually abused by my father for a period of 6 years while I was growing up. Now, as a grown adult, I find that I was not alone in this plight: friends and other family members were also effected. I was shocked to read that one in four women are effected by sexual abuse. I feel that this is an undercurrent in society and that it must be dealt with, rather than keeping silent about this huge issue.

Silence only continues the abuse, and not dealing with the consequences of abuse and minimizing the effects cause so much sorrow and pain. Why is everyone so silent? Why? Why must this topic be so difficult to talk about? Why is there shame and guilt? It is a crime, it should be treated as such.

Why are the courts so overloaded, allowing the perps to continue walking free, abusing more people? Why must I be told to wait for justice, if I ever receive justice at all?

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