We Shatter Silence story from East Greenwich, RI

I was sexually molested by my step father of 9 years only 6 weeks ago… I told right away but this event has turned my life upside down… I try to stay strong and keep telling myself that I shouldn’t let this man make me become a different person… My step father, after finding out I called the police, tried to commit suicide and when he was found, he was on his death bed but he survived. So much change is going on in a result of this. I have good days and I have days where I just can not think and function… He was a father to me because my own father has never been there for me but I guess he was not a good father either. My friends, family and school have given me so much support but it is hard because they don’t understand what I am going through and what it was like for this to happen to me. Going through this is tough and but I hope that every girl that goes through this gets help and tells someone… No matter how long and difficult the court process is, let the man live through the pain and there is lots of help out there… Also I think that the healing process is a long one, so no matter what other people say about how you should feel, you should take as long as you need to heal… I know that the path ahead of me is a long one but I try as hard as I can to just get through the day for now…

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