We Shatter Silence Story from Gettysburg, PA

From an early age, I was subjected to sexual abuse. I was victimized by a relative when I was a child, yet barely anyone believed me. None of my abusers ever had to serve any time in jail. I got into a marriage ruled by domestic violence. I left my husband when I was 6 months pregnant. That was a mistake, too – he became very violent and I left him only about a month or two after we started seeing one another. I didn’t get involved with anyone for another several years. It was only a few months later when I was raped. The only way I can prosecute him is if I show up HIV+. Thank God I’m negative, but I haven’t been with anyone since then. I now volunteer with Survivor’s, Inc. and I am on their Board of Directors. I am currently a college student and trying to get TBTN and DVA Nights started here on my campus. I also write poetry. I wrote a song called “Take Back The Night” which I perform yearly. I have nothing to hide!

I only want to help other victims find their voice. There’s more to my story, but not enough space here to tell you. Bless you for having this site and for helping others!

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