We Shatter Silence story from Grants Pass, OR

I was 12 years old when this happened. And it destroyed me. My parents were divorced. My mother had been seeing this guy, “Mark” for about four years. So she thought it was time to let us meet his kids. He has two kids. One teenage boy, two years older than me. And one teenage daughter about to graduate high school. “Mark”’s sons name is “Travis”. One day when “Travis” was with his dad at my house, he made a move on me. I was so numb, I didn’t know what to think. Really, I thought it was a one time thing. But it kept happening. Often. One time, he pinned me down and went down my pants. I remember calling my best friend and crying to her after it happened. I put up with this for a little over a month, until I worked up the strength to tell him not to touch me. This destroyed my relationship with my dad. I hated him so much for not being there, and not protecting me. I started getting deeply depressed, and started cutting myself, started drinking, taking random pills, anything to make me feel better. And I never did feel better. Now my mom asks me why i’m so “mean” to him. And I still can’t tell her the truth. I wish I told her, I wish I told someone. I was so alone, and then I started pushing people away. It’ll never be the same, and I know that now. So now i’ll tell anyone… Breaking the silence is the only way to make people see, and listen. And for all the young girls or boys this affects, they are not alone. And they shouldn’t have to feel like they are.

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