We Shatter Silence story from Liverpool, NY

I have been sexually abused in my lifetime and taken advantage of enough times. My 2nd oldest brother sexually molested me when I was 9 and 10 years old. It would have continued if I didn’t start to feel scared more and more often. My parents only found out about it Christmas night of 2004, and I’m not saying they’re bad parents, but they did nothing. They cried and blamed themselves and when my 2 other brothers confronted the one, he denied it all. And no punishment was brought against him and he still lives here. I will never forgive him for it but I’ve been trying to forget about it. As a direct effect in my opinion, I started having sex when I was 14. I didn’t ever sleep around with anyone. They all meant something and promised me they wouldn’t hurt me, typical guy’s lies. But I think I was forced to grow up and be more mature. I’ve been thinking about going to meetings for any of this plus the more secrets I consume to myself. I live with it and have survived it so far.

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