We Shatter Silence story from Manchester, NH

I was repeatedly molested and raped by my father ever since I could remember. The first time I ever remember him molesting me was when I was 5 years old and we were in the bath and he was cleaning me and he touched my vagina, and then asked me to touch his penis. Throughout my childhood he would always sneak french kisses and touch me under my shirt and underpants. He would even sneak in my room at night and wake me up to make me sexually interact with him. On my tenth birthday he raped me for the first time, and continued to until I was 12. One time he even made me stay home from school so he could molest and rape me all day long. He would never let me go outside to play with my friends or my brother always kicking him out of the house and keeping me inside so he could abuse me. When I was 12 years I finally told him to stop, that he did not have the right to touch me, and then I went to the police. He has been in jail for the past 10 years and refuses to take responsibility for his actions, and refuses “treatment”, so they keep adding time onto his sentence. Now I tell people about my story, I know it’s not something meant to be kept a secret, and it was definitely not my fault. I’ve sung at the Manchester, NH Take Back the Night event and each year I tell my story and plead for victims to tell their story, get help, and stop being victims. It’s time we become survivors and make the world safe for other women, and men (this doesn’t just happen to women!!!) and our children. Take back YOUR night, SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT, BE HEARD!!

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