We Shatter Silence story from Marlton, NJ

I was dating this guy who was a senior during my junior year of high school. We were driving around one night, he lived on the opposite side of town of me where it was dark and a lot of trees and not too many street lights. He drove and stopped his car and he tried to force himself on me by undoing my jeans and whatnot, I kept saying no. I told him I didn’t want to and started crying, and yelling. He finally laid off and drove me home. I remained silent and cried the whole way home. He brought me home and then forced himself on me again in his car in front of my house. I felt so weak because he was bigger than me and I did like him, but I didn’t like him enough to have sex. After I went into the house that night, I felt destroyed. I haven’t told anyone about it since, it has been over a year since it happened, and I’m still scared to come out about it today. I cut off my connections with him for the past few months because he’s been nothing but a huge jerk.

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