We Shatter Silence Story from Oklee, MN

THE PERSON WHO ABUSED ME WAS MY BIG BROTHER. It wasn’t just one night of pain; it was about 4 or 5 years of torture. Every night my parents left us alone. He would babysit me and he would do weird things to me that i didn’t like but had to put up with. I tried to tell my parents but they didn’t believe me and told me to stop telling lies my brother because he could get hurt if the wrong person heard that. It has been like that my whole life; they always seem to stick up for him and not for me. It’s like they don’t care about me. The worst part is that they told everyone I was lying and it hurts so much because I’m an outcast in my family and community. I do have a few close friends who believe me and my story. The day I turn 18 is the day I will ‘TAKE BACK THE NIGHT’.

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