We shatter Silence Story from Toronto, ON

It was my second summer as a camp counselor and I had a crush on a guy that I was working with. We would have days off and he invited me to come to a cottage with a couple of friends. Little did I know that I was the only girl who went. I felt the pressure to impress him, and the only way I knew how to do that when I was 16 years old was to interest him sexually. When it was about to happen, I said I didn’t want it anymore. He said he already had the condom on, so that it wasn’t fair to him. After it happened, he laughed at me and left the room. I had to sleep there that night because I had no where else to go. The next morning we all drove back to camp and he made me hug him before I left. I’m writing this for all the other young women out there who feel the pressure to engage in sexual activities with someone in order to get their attention.

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