We Shatter Silence Story from Woodland, PA

I was 20 years old and I was going through a tough divorce from a military relationship. “Paul” was my best friend and was helping me through the  divorce or so I thought. My family was on vacation and I had let “Paul” stay at my house because I didn’t want to be alone since my ex’s family was crazy. He had kissed me before that night. But I saw it as nothing more than very good friends. That night, as I lay in my bed, he forced himself on me. I said no, he just pushed harder. I cried, trying to push him off me, afraid that he would hurt me.

I was so afraid to tell anyone, so I did nothing. You always hear about the rape cases that nothing ever gets done about. About 9 months later, after my baby boy was born, I decided to speak out about what he had done. But it was too late. My mom had known about it, so did my therapist, my current boyfriend. Their support helped but it didn’t cure me. “Paul” gets visitations to see my baby boy and continues to take pieces of my soul away from me.

My word of advice: please please do not wait to tell someone. They can help!

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