We Shatter Silence story from Wright, TX

I lived in NY last year and I was walking home from my school’s football game. As I walked, I heard “Marissa, wait up” and I turned around it was my friend “Rachel.” She said, get home there’s some people that was just talking about you, I’m going to walk you home just in case they want to start something… By that point she was a block away running and sort of out of breath. I told her I’m fine, that she doesn’t need to worry and she turned around then a man knocked me out and dragged me into the church. When I woke up, the man was on top of me with us both naked. I couldn’t move, I was tied to the benches. He raped me… I never told anyone. When my dad asked about the bruises, I told him me and my friends were pretending to fight and some jerk jumped in and hit me, and he believed me.

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