I had gone through a huge depression faze.

So eventually with feeling like my life was not important I took a bottle of pills about 70 clondines. I rushed to the hospital and they diagnosed me with PTSD from the early rape trauma in my 1-3 year old self.

My father had apparently raped me many times. And his friends did the same. But when I got into the mental health hospital I made a friend.

He was a funny guy with lots of talent I trusted him and even had a crush on him.

He one day came to my room and I asked what he was doing.

He laughed and said don’t cry I have little time and I want to have sex with you.

I opened my mouth to scream to protest but he laughed and shut up.

He swore at me I was appalled.

He raped me and continued to act like it was no big deal the next day.

I was in pain and distraught. I soon left him to go talk to someone else.

He continued to taunt me.

Until one day he left to go be somewhere else.

I will never forget how his eyes stared at me when he slid into me as if to say I hate you.

I hate me.

I hate this world.

After he was done he said in a mocking tone

“good girl”.

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