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15 Years Old In Elliot City, MD | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I don’t know how old I was, or when it happen. All I know is who did it, where it happen, and how it had happen. I was barely a child, but I was old enough to be able to remember memories. I had innocence. I liked Minnie Mouse and Disney movies.

My own Dad pinned me to the ground outside of my bathroom and room. I remember the feel of the carpet against my skin. He slid down my pants, and raped me there despite my cries and how I begged for him to stop. I can remember his deep voice telling me not to tell anyone, especially my Mom. I nodded, and tried to forget about it. I think it might of happen again–but my mind is blurry on that.

My Dad verbal and physically abuses me as well. He sexual abuses me in a way with calling me ‘sexy’ and ‘beautiful’ when I am alone with him. He grabs my wrist so tight when he talks to me, and scream at me.

During a summer, I have a strong suspicion that my Aunt and Uncle sexual assaulted me. I’ve been having flashbacks about that for awhile now.

A teacher of mine molested me when I was in 5th grade, and followed my parents by car.

The first person I told was my ex-boyfriend, who is also a best friend of mine. But I don’t know how much he cares about me right now.

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14 Years Old In Grand Rapids, MI | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

It started when I was twelve. I went over to this guys house to hang out. He brought me to his bedroom and started making sexual advances on me. I told him to stop, and he got angry, and ended up beating and raping me. That was in seventh grade. In eighth grade, my boyfriend sexually abused me many times. Because of what had happened to me before, I was confused and it took me a long time to end the relationship. Then in ninth grade, I was abused again, this time by an older guy. All this time flashbacks and nightmares kept reapeating themselves. Then one day I couldn’t stand it any more, and I tried to commit suicide. My social worker found me and stopped me. He brought me to Forest View Psychiatric Hospital. That was a few months ago, and im doing better now. Today is January 26, and i was baptised last night. I still struggle with seeing them every day at school, but it’s easier now. I recently told my best friend and she has been very supportive. My social worker is now one of my best friends and he has helped me so much. He is the only reason im still alive.My advice to everyone is to get a stuffed animal. they are safe and very huggable and lovable. you can cry and tell them everything. they will listen. i have a stuffed dog named Hugs that my social worker gave me, and I can’t sleep without him.

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23 Years Old In Plano, TX | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I was 16 years old and I will never forget it as long as I live. It was the first of two time I was to be raped within a year’s time. I was at a party with some friends. I was flirting with this guy that I thought was good-looking. A bunch of us decided that we would go to the hot tub, which was in view of the apartment we were hanging out at. This guy I had been flirting with (I don’t even know his name) was letting me borrow shorts and a shirt to go in the hot tub with. Afterwards, I went back to his apartment to get my clothes and change back. Suddenly I found that there was no room I could escape to in order to change in privacy. Before I knew what was going on, I was on my back staring at window blinds in shock of what was going on. I heard the sounds of laughter outside the window. I was envious of those people having fun while I was literally lying in my own personal hell with each violent thrust. It didn’t matter how many times I begged him to stop (and to never begin), it was out of my control at this point. I spent the rest of the night under his thumb in front of all the guests. He told me that if I didn’t do what he said at all times, he would tell everyone that we had sex at his place. I was mortified and didn’t want anyone to know what just happened, so I obeyed. Not only did this man take away my trust in everything by raping my body, but also stole my dignity in front of everyone that night. Every time I drive by that complex, even 7 years later, I want to scream at the top of my lungs. He will never realize what he did to me. Finally, at 23, I am able to say that I have let it go as much as possible. I still cannot trust men and I still fight the feeling that he left me with… that all I am worth is sex. I cannot hate him for it though. I pity him. I know that I must keep going on with my life, otherwise he has won by taking everything from me! I never reported my rape. I never told anyone about it until I was almost 21. It is not an easy burden to take on yourself. Don’t let hate consume you, as I let it consume me for 4 years after my rape.

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18 Years Old in Philadelphia, PA | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I was repeatedly raped from the time I was 3 until I was 14 by my baby-sitter. It took until I was 17 for him to be brought to justice. The abuse only ended when my family moved to a different state. When I first spoke up nobady believed me, that’s when I found Take Back the Night. They helped me through the past four years, and helped me find my voice. Now, by telling me story, I hope I can help to SHATTER the silence. Without your support I could have never been able to begin to heal. THANK YOU! and keep on helping others.

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26 Years Old in Minneapolis, MN | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

I was 25 years old. The handyman in a motel confined, raped and strangled me. It was broad daylight. Let’s take back OUR RIGHT TO BE.

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30 years old in Spring Lake, MI | #WeShatterSilence


Flying to San Francisco, I arrived late to my hotel the weekend before the bombing of the WTC and asked my concierge at the Hilton to find me a restaurant where I would feel safe. I wanted it to have fantastic food, not have it be dead or empty, and not have it be a meat market. The female concierge said, “Oh! I know of a perfect place. I know the owner and the maitre’d; they will take care of you.” So she called {a restaurant} to make me a late reservation. ‘She was right, he took care of me. The maitre’d even sat down with me and struck up conversations, so I was not alone, which I thought was a little unusual, but I was fine with it because the place was full and I was eating alone. By the end of the dinner, I remember him saying “This is too easy, I feel guilty.” Soon after, I could barely support myself up (if not at all) for the rest of the evening and was sick for four few more days. He basically took me to his apartment and raped me, (I didn’t exactly resist because I couldn’t even hold my head up). The next morning he brought me back to my hotel in his shiny (maybe newer) SUV. I felt dirty and ashamed that I let this happen. I never reported it because I was in a lawsuit over someone killing my husband (in a crash) a year earlier. If the other attorneys found out, they would have thrown it in my face & publicized it (I didn’t want my mother to know). ..I had told my attorney (female) and my sister. They both told me that I was drugged. I’ve never, at the age of 30, had anything like this happen to me before. I couldn’t believe it. …so I learned quickly, not to even trust the staff at restaurants & bars (which makes it very scary that we can’t even trust them).

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15 years old in Milwaukee


Let me just say that i was raped by my stepfather as well and now im not only scared 4 life im terrified to walk out my front door,to walk to a friends house, and even to let my boyfriend kiss me.i found TBTN in a magazine,went to the website and found out that i am not alone. when i sleep all i think about is those bad times,but then i come to the website and all the bad times seem to fade a little. So i just want to say.. THANK YOU TAKE BACK THE NIGHT websit U LET ME SEE THAT I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS FIGHT. AND TO ALL U OTHERS OUT THERE U ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR FIGHT!

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53 years old in Cincinnati, OH


Hello. I am the mother of a now 15 almost 16 year old daughter. She was raped at age 14 by a 19 year old male. Before the rape over a year ago- he almost killed her 2 times by giving her 150 proof alcohol. He also gave her her first taste of marijuana. I am writing this now because I just heard from the prosecutor’s office that the verdict is NOT GUILTY. You see,we have gone through so much and have waited a long to hear the bad news. The bastard who did this to her is not guilty according to the law of the land and free to go out and do this again and worse. When I entered the country I am from just now- I was ashamed to enter USA. I am 53 years old, and had never been to a court trial or hearing before. And,especially, never a witness for my baby daughter. And now, instead of a court system that I had previously had faith in, my daughter and I and my family have been re-victimized and re-raped by this very court system. The charge of rape had been reduced by the grand jury to indecent conduct with a minor. This decision had disturbed and confused me at that time of the decision. But, you know, I never stopped hoping and expecting that there would be justice in the end. And, now I was proven wrong. I don’t know how to tell my beautiful, brave daughter that the court did not decide in her favor. I won’t tell her how angry I am and how it feels like “justice” spit in our faces. I now believe that if I and my family was rich and/or had power in this stinking county that the trial was held in, I would not be writing about my disappoint now. I am bitter and mad and feel totally powerless to do anything else about it. My advise to any and all who might be wondering if they should remain silent is that silence only gives the bastards more power and makes them laugh at us. He will be laughting at us when he hears the verdict. But, in the back of his mind, he will always know the truth and know how brave my daughter is for standing up for her rights. He forever scarred my daughter by taking away her innocence. But, I do know he will ultimately be punished by God-the higher power than this fool of a judge, grand jury members, and prosecutor. To all of you who failed us- I am so glad we are able to rise above you. My daughter will be OK in spite of you. My daughter will be rewarded for all the s__t she has gone through by a joke of a legal system I no longer have faith in. Thank you for listening out there. And, God Bless you all who have been wronged by ones we had trusted and who should have done something about all the pain instead of causing us more pain.

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25 years old from Atlanta, GA


Two years ago I was raped by someone I thought was my friend in my own apartment. When people ask me why didn’t I report him to the authorities, I really don’t know what to tell them. I guess it’s because there was a part of me that blamed myself for what happened. I was the one who let him come by late that night. For days my apartment reeked of his cologne. The smell would turn my stomach every time I entered my home. He had violated my body and my personal space. I lived in fear for months wondering if I would come home from work one day and he’d be at my apartment. Thanks to my family and friends I feel more open to speak up about what happened to me and I no longer blame myself for what happened. It saddens me that sexual assault is such an epidemic and that it is a crime that is treated so lightly by many people. I hope that there will be a turning of the tide before long.

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15 years old in Darby, KS


I had been talking to a guy that had been introduced to me through a friend back in May 2013, and I thought he was perfect. We had never met in person, but I was slowly starting to like him. His hair, the way he talked to me; sweet and polite. Everything about him I liked. My heart had been broken before, but I trusted him. At first, things were good. But pretty quickly, I was getting nervous when I talked to him. He asked me if he could come pick me up and he could have sex with me. At first, I said nothing. I just changed the subject or said I was too scared. Soon, his pleads got more frequent and I knew he had a temper and I was beginning to get scared. So I said, “Sure. You may come over, but we aren’t going to have sex”. Those words exactly. So he came over and we went down to my room to watch Netflix but all of the sudden, when I sat in my bed (fully clothed) he took off his pants right there and I just acted like I didn’t notice. He got in my bed and under the covers, I was on top of the covers. He coaxed me under and this was when I started to get scared. I closed my eyes to keep from crying, but then he kissed me hard. I didn’t know what was happening, it was like I wasn’t myself. Before I could do anything, he started fingering me and I tried to pull his hand away, but he was too strong. He got on top of me so fast I didn’t know what was happening. He forced himself inside me and his tongue was so far down my throat I couldn’t make a sound. He had me to where I could not move no matter what I tried. He never asked me for sex. He never asked me once if he could do anything he did. Ever since then, I have to watch my back everywhere. I do not hug people, let them touch my hair, or touch me anywhere from behind unless I tell them they can. I still have nightmares about it and every time I see someone who even looks similar to him, I start getting uneasy. I am going to therapy for it, but it still won’t help the fact that it happened. He told me I was beautiful, he made me trust him. I was just naive enough to believe it. I had thought he really liked me, but he just used me for his own good. He took advantage of me and I cannot let that go. He was a mistake… I feel like it’s all my fault.

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