TBTN is comprised of Event Holders, members, and fans. Our Event Holders can be found on college campuses, high school campuses, and communities throughout the world. Our individual members and fans are people from all backgrounds who stand committed to ending sexual and domestic violence. We invite you to get involved. Help us make the world a safer place, free from all forms of sexual and domestic violence.

Hold an Event

Event Holders have at least one event per year and range in size from 25 committed participants to over 1000. Each Event Holder brings its own brand of activism and personality to their event. The TBTN Foundation supports Event Holders with a list-serve, a newsletter, a personalized fundraising site, and social media photo-sharing opportunities.

Join the Movement

We are in this together. Join TBTNF and unite with members from over 35 countries of all ages. Follow us on social media, attend our conferences, and support TBTNF with an annual, tax-deductible donation of $25. Members receive a TBTN official t-shirt or other TBTN gear.

Become a Fan

TBTN Fans stand with survivors and actively work to end sexual violence, harassment and interpersonal relationship violence.  Fans are the spirit and passion of TBTN. There is no cost to be a fan.


The Take Back The Night Foundation is pleased to offer a meaningful internship program to qualified individuals from across the United States and beyond! To intern with TBTN you must commit to volunteer for at least 12 weeks for 25 hours per week.  You need at least a 3.5 GPA if you were in school within the last 5 years.  Internships can be completed from anywhere as long as you have unlimited phone and internet use.  You must be technology proficient.

Be a Speaker

TBTN invites artists, bands, groups, performers, and speakers who would like to participate in TBTN Events to complete the application below.  Qualifications to join TBTN’s Speaker Program are  high school diploma, college degree preferred, speaking experience in front of at least 25 groups and a video clip.  Please send a description of your story and 3 references for your speaking abilities to us.  For musicians and other performers, we need a 3 minute demo clip of each of your three top picks to perform at an Event; 3 references, and a 3 minute video clip of a performance.

Perform at Going Noisy 2017

Going Noisy 2017 will be at a large venue in New York City on Saturday, April 29 from 5 to 7 pm and 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Be present to experience this exciting sound-off with an invigorating evening of music, poetry, drama, dance, and spoken word. Blazing bands and talented teens shake our souls with powerful performances of their original works. This event is not to be missed.  Intense, bold and noisy so that no one can ignore the problem, no one can say they haven’t heard how often it happens, and no one can stand silent.  Everyone goes noisy until we end sexual violence in all forms.

Shatter the Silence Album

TBTN is creating an album of music to inspire and empower the millions affected by sexual and domestic violence. The album contains all genres of music in a variety of styles including jazz, a capella groups, rock, rap, and more. We invite you to submit your songs to the project.