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14 Years Old In Grand Rapids, MI | #WeShatterSilence | Let This Story Be Heard By Clicking Share

It started when I was twelve. I went over to this guys house to hang out. He brought me to his bedroom and started making sexual advances on me. I told him to stop, and he got angry, and ended up beating and raping me. That was in seventh grade. In eighth grade, my boyfriend sexually abused me many times. Because of what had happened to me before, I was confused and it took me a long time to end the relationship. Then in ninth grade, I was abused again, this time by an older guy. All this time flashbacks and nightmares kept reapeating themselves. Then one day I couldn’t stand it any more, and I tried to commit suicide. My social worker found me and stopped me. He brought me to Forest View Psychiatric Hospital. That was a few months ago, and im doing better now. Today is January 26, and i was baptised last night. I still struggle with seeing them every day at school, but it’s easier now. I recently told my best friend and she has been very supportive. My social worker is now one of my best friends and he has helped me so much. He is the only reason im still alive.My advice to everyone is to get a stuffed animal. they are safe and very huggable and lovable. you can cry and tell them everything. they will listen. i have a stuffed dog named Hugs that my social worker gave me, and I can’t sleep without him.

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40 Years Old In Cooper City, FL | #WeShatterSilence

I feel like a sexual assault magnet! I was 8 when my step father first molested me, he always smelled of booze, he continued to molest me until I was 11. At 12, a park worker took me into his office and exposed himself to me. He wanted me to touch him but I ran out.When I was 13, I was jumped by 5 boys at a park. They were all on top of me at once grabbing me, sticking their tongues in my moth and their hands down my pants. At 15, my stepfather was back for a visit, he had his hands all over me and tried to rape me. When I was 20, I was raped, beaten and choked for 3 hours by a stranger. He was never caught. I am STILL scared at night! I am 40 now and have told less than a handful of people about my experiences. Thank you for letting me share.

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51 Years Old in Pelham, NH | #WeShatterSilence

I was sexually assaulted as a young child and had no memories of it until my daughter was sexually assaulted at college in her freshman yr. A week after she came home I started feeling funny and my deceased father was lingering over my shoulder. I was starting to panic and called my sister and together we knew he had abused us as children. I went to counseling and I will not let him take away all I have today. I am happily married (31 yrs) have two healty children, and one deceased at age 21. I have worked so hard in getting myself back to reality since my sons death,that I refuse to let my past haunt me forever. I have accepted it and will move on and hope that someday my daughter can do the same. This needs to stop on college campuses!!!

Are You A Sexual Violence or Abuse Victim and Need FREE Legal Help? Click to Apply!