Runs + Walks

Get Everyone Moving! Run, Walk, for Take Back The Night!

Communities holding Walks, Runs, wear glow-in-the-dark TBTN t-shirts and wristbands at their event to promote awareness and end sexual violence. With the money raised, the TBTN Foundation provides educational resources and programs for students, parents and teachers. These events are community-building, tons of fun, a rush of empowerment, and bring many people together to work for our cause.

Hold your event outside under the night sky for a 1.2 mile walk or a 5K run/race.  Participants obtain sponsors from friends and family to raise funds for the Take Back The Night® Foundation. All donations are fully tax deductible as TBTN is a 501(c)3 public charity. TBTN uses these funds for education and awareness programs.

Runs + Walks Overview

Hold your event any time during the year. Tie into Dating Violence Awareness Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Women’s History Month, Safe Spring Break Week, Senior Week, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other awareness event.  You might choose the last Thursday of April or October to coincide with TBTN’s national “Ten Points of Light to Take Back The Night” Event. Hold your event any time that works well for your community. Any group can organize an event: advocacy programs, crisis centers, corporations, agencies, individuals, colleges, universities, high schools, hospitals or other service organizations. Planning and execution are the responsibility of the organizer, with help from TBTN via conference call, Skype, Webinar, or Google Hangouts.

In holding an event for TBTN, organizers agree to:

• Comply with all TBTN Foundation Event Holder requirements as stated in the TBTN Event Planner; including to waive, release, and discharge the TBTN Foundation from any and all liability, including but not limited to, liability arising from the negligence or fault of the event organizer, event attendees and/or sponsors, for any death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind which may occur as a result of holding an event.

• Have every participant register on the TBTN Foundation’s Eventbrite webpage for your event.  Your group can purchase supplies from TBTN or each participant can register for the event individually. Registration includes a glow-in-the-dark TBTN t-shirt and wristband.

• Conduct all fundraising through the TBTN Foundation’s Event Site that we create specifically for your Event. This includes having Event sponsors provide any monetary donations through the Eventbrite site or directly to the TBTN Foundation. Donations of day-of-event supplies, rental equipment, refreshments, giveaways, sound systems, technical assistance or other tangible items can be provided directly to your Event. The exception would be if the sponsor or donor would like to have a receipt for their contribution; in which case, please contact the TBTN Foundation. Only the TBTN Foundation has the legal ability to provide receipts and letters for tax deductible donations.

Money Questions: Donations and Sponsors

TBTN creates a website specifically for your event.  Participants both register and seek donations/sponsorships via the personal link tied to their name. Participants can share this unique donation link through their social media and other websites such as that of their employer or other organizations to which they belong. Sponsorships are not required–only the registration fee is required.

Cash donations can be collected at the event and sent in to the foundation as a money order.  Please keep a log of all cash donations to include the name, email address and physical address of the donor. Those who can donate with a credit card or PayPal will be able to donate on the Eventbrite site until one week after your Walk or Run. TBTN cannot accept personal checks. All cash donations must be taken to the United States Postal Service and changed into a money order issues to the TBTN Foundation. These money orders and check donations are mailed to the TBTN Foundation within one week of your Event to TBTN Foundation; PO Box 332; Wayne, PA 19087.

What is the difference between a these events and a Take Back The Night® Event? These events help people fundraise to end sexual violence  and regular TBTN Events are usually focused on survivor speak-outs and do not pay to participate.

Many Walks and Runs have musicians, speakers, performers, vigils and speak outs. To plan the logistics of your Walk or Run, please use the TBTN Event Planning Checklists included in the TBTN Planning Manual.  Read all about how to hold a Run or a Walk in the Manual, too!