Shine Your Light Yoga Charlottesville 2019

Get Everyone Moving! Yoga for Take Back The Night!

Shine Your Light Yoga – Charlottesville, VA 2019

Shine Your Light Yoga enables survivors of sexual violence, their supporters and all who want to end sexual assault and abuse to come together and practice yoga.  Participating studios offer classes  feature trauma-informed instruction and no physical contact so survivors know they are in a safe space.

If you would like to hold a Shine Your Light Yoga Event, please contact us.  View our past yoga events and supporting studios.

Participating Yoga Studios from Charlottesville, VA Event  December 2019

Studio City State Contact Phone Email Registration Link
DragonFly Yoga Studio Fredericksburg VA Anne Kemp 540-372-9600
Breathe Body and Mind Springfield VA Lynne Maloney 202-758-6946
PiYoBa Studio West Springfield VA Shawn Thliveris 571-355-6609
barre.[d] Charlottesville VA Rachel Phillips 716-474-5633
Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg Fredericksburg VA Catie Nowrocki 540-368-3079

Special thanks to the UVA team who organized and coordinated this Shine Your Light Yoga Event!

Megan Nguyen
Year: 4th
Hometown: Ashburn, VA
Major: Biology and Health & Wellbeing

My name is Megan Nguyen and I am finishing up my last year studying Biology and Health & Wellbeing at the University of Virginia.  I’m passionate about empowering women and helping others which I hope to integrate in my further education in medicine.

Bryn Kabiri
Year: 2nd
Hometown: Arlington, VA
Major: Statistics, Environmental Science

My name is Bryn Kabiri and I am studying statistics and environmental science at U.Va.. I am particularly interested in women’s health and would love to do research in that field in the future. I am happy to support survivors and contribute to TBTN through SYL Yoga!

Anchita Khullar
Year: 4th
Hometown: Centreville, VA
Majors: Commerce, Global Security & Justice

My name is Anchita Khullar and I am a student at the University of Virginia going into consulting after graduation. I am passionate about using business to help different populations in need, particularly female survivors of gender-based violence.

Livia Sauvage
Year: 3rd
Hometown: Reston, VA
Majors: Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Global Studies-Security and Justice

My name is Livia Sauvage.  I’m studying women’s history and how our social climate perpetuates a patriarchal hierarchy. I’m passionate about recognizing the role of power in various situations, especially within situations of gender-based violence and intimate partner violence.

Loree Seitz
Year: 2nd
Major: Media Studies, Religious Studies

Why I’m involved in this project: The ultimate goal of this project is to provide support to survivors in our community and give them a place to feel comfortable and work through their trauma in a productive and helpful manner. I truly believe in the power of yoga as a release for trauma and thank Katie Koestner for her persistence and dedication to this method of support.

Yoga studios wanting to have a survivor support event to support TBTNF should contact us for more information.